Energy Made Simple.

Here's how.

The electricity bill of your factory can be reduced through an on-grid or net-metering system.

EcoEnergy's customers have moved their factories entirely off-grid and seen their electricity bills fall to 0.


Reduces Bill

Offsets your electricity consumption, resulting in an annual electricity bill of 0.

Power Through Load-Shedding

Can include batteries for continuity during load-shedding and outages.

Reliable Service

Our responsive staff will address any problem straight away so you don’t lose productivity.

Why EcoEnergy

Quality Components

We’ve already compared products on the market so you don't have to. We only recommend high quality components for your long-lasting benefit.

Get a Quote in 5 Minutes

Our proprietary algorithm can give you a quote within 5 minutes, so you're informed about the costs.

Customised Solutions

Don't pay a rupee more than needed. We tailor solutions to match your needs and your budget.

After-Sales Service

Our call center and technicians are available 7 days a week for all follow-up questions and requests.

What Our Customers Say

Abdul Hameed Soomro

I used to use a diesel generator which was very expensive. Now I can save that money. EcoEnergy is a very good company. I will highly recommend everyone to use them.
Abdul Latif Soomro

My flour mill is running completely on solar now, and I am saving on my electricity bill every month.
  • 1 day

    Site Inspection

    Our technicians will visit your premises to assess your needs
  • 3 days

    Finalise Configuration

    We will configure a system designed to meet your needs.
  • 7 days

    Submit Deposit

    When you are ready, you will be expected to submit a deposit.
  • 2 weeks


    Our trained technical staff will install the solution.
  • 3 months

    Net-Metering Enabled

    If net-metering is required, you can expect your net-metering system to be enabled by the DISCO (such as K-Electric) after 3 months.