Solar Solutions To Meet Your Needs

EcoEnergy provides customised solar solutions in Pakistan, without the hassle.

We want to give you an on-grid experience whether you live in the city or the rural countryside - powering your business, lighting your home, giving you a fully charged phone, a TV to see what's happening in the world, fans so you and your children can sleep comfortably at night, and a pump to give you fresh, clean water.

Clean My Solar Panels
Get Electricity
Guaranteed Response Time During Faults
Have Reliable Electricity
Have Reliable Electricity During an Outage
Minimise Faults with Preventative Maintenance
Power My Bank Branch
Power My Cell Tower
Power My Dairy Farm
Power My Factory
Power My Health Clinic
Power My Home
Power My Home in Pakistan
Power My Mill
Power My Petrol Pump
Power My Poultry Farm
Power My School
Power My Water Pump
Reduce My Electricity Bill
Repair My Solar Installation