About EcoEnergy

Our team across Pakistan has installed over 1.2 megawatts of power in the last two years

EcoEnergy is a different kind of a company, founded by a team of people who believe that everyone should have power, no matter where they live. Our team across Pakistan has installed over 1.2 megawatts of power in the last two years.

We want to give you an on-grid experience whether you live in the city or the rural countryside-lighting your home, charging your phone, powering your TV and your AC so you and your children can live a comfortable life, and a pump to give you fresh, clean water.

Our mission is to end Pakistan's energy crisis by providing people with a clean, reliable alternative to the grid and making the country's transition to a clean energy economy a stress-free experience.

Senior Leadership

Shazia Khan
Shazia is an energy lawyer and expert with 18 years of experience in renewable energy. She began her career as a consultant with the World Bank, working with the Global Environment Facility and Africa Energy. Prior to that, Shazia worked as a legal consultant on a large scale energy project at Pakistan’s National Development Finance Corporation. She realized that the country's crippling energy crisis coupled with its heavy reliance on fossil fuels represents an enormous gap for millions of energy starved Pakistanis. After a stint at Grameen Shakti, she co-founded EcoEnergy with Jeremy Higgs as a way to accelerate the widespread adoption of solar across Pakistan.
Jeremy Higgs
Jeremy is considered an expert on off-grid clean energy solutions and regularly contributes op-ed pieces on the topic of energy to national publications in Pakistan. Jeremy has 14 years of professional experience in both software development and organisation-building at Oracle, Atlassian and NOWPDP Jeremy's background in IT and software development allows him to seamlessly integrate technology into EcoEnergy’s operations.
Imran Arshad
Head of Sales
Imran is a graduate of Pakistan's prestigious Institute of Business Administration and has a background in conducting sales and distribution in rural Pakistan with Unilever and Coca Cola. He has been with EcoEnergy since 2013, leading the sales team and managing the Sales and Distribution Network of renewable energy products within assigned districts. He works to create a route to market development for our distributed solar solutions by establishing partnerships and pushing direct sales.
Wali Mukhtar
Sales Manager - Karachi
Wali manages sales across EcoEnergy's urban district in Southern Pakistan. He brings with him extensive experience in providing a top of the line customer experience. Before joining EcoEnergy, Wali led customer service across the Sindh and Balochistan region for QMobile.
Faisal Nisar
Technical Manager
Faisal has 14 years of professional experience in product development and solar installations, having worked for SM Jaffer & Co. and SysTek.
Adeel Saleem
Supply Chain Lead
Adeel is a graduate of McGill University. His experience includes managing customer and supplier issues at iStoreworld and Mid City Air Conditioning handling. He handles supply-chain and logistics for EcoEnergy, ensuring that all inventory reaches our customers on time.
Faez Shakil
Software Architect
Faez is a graduate of GIKI. He is responsible for building EcoEnergy's software and data instructure. He contributes a background in mathematics and computing science, along with practical experience in machine learning at Smart Fission.
Haris Shabbir
Head of Finance
Haris is a CA finalist and brings more than 11 years of experience in audit and process improvement, including 5 years at Deloitte. His role at EcoEnergy is to manage the company's finances and develop strategy for resource allocation.