No grid? No problem.

Here's how.

30% of Pakistan’s population does not have access to the electricity grid. Pakistan may be a large country, yet everyone deserves access to reliable energy.

EcoEnergy has been providing reliable and affordable power solutions in areas where there is no access to electricity since 2010. Let us configure a solution for you!


Don't Wait For The Grid

There's no need to wait for the electricity grid to reach your home. Our solutions give you access to dependable and uninterrupted energy.

Choose Your Appliances

You can purchase appliances from the market, or we can provide you with energy-efficient ones.

Choose The Length Of Backup

Choose the length of backup best suited to you.

Why EcoEnergy

Quality Components

We’ve already compared products on the market so you don't have to. We only recommend high quality components for your long-lasting benefit.

Get a Quote in 5 Minutes

Our proprietary algorithm can give you a quote within 5 minutes, so you're informed about the costs.

Customised Solutions

Don't pay a rupee more than needed. We tailor solutions to match your needs and your budget.

After-Sales Service

Our call center and technicians are available 7 days a week for all follow-up questions and requests.

What Our Customers Say

Yousif Kunbhar

When my son looked at and used [EcoEnergy’s] system, he was happy. It’s so easy, there’s no difficulty.
Muhammad Alam Memon

When I had an issue with my system, within one day the EcoEnergy team came to my house to fix it.
  • 1 day

    Site Inspection

    Our technicians will visit your premises to assess your needs
  • 3 days

    Finalise Configuration

    We will configure a system designed to meet your needs.
  • 7 days

    Submit Deposit

    When you are ready, you will be expected to submit a deposit.
  • 2 weeks


    Our trained technical staff will install the solution.
  • 3 months

    Net-Metering Enabled

    If net-metering is required, you can expect your net-metering system to be enabled by the DISCO (such as K-Electric) after 3 months.