Will Your Solar Vendor Respond To a Fault?

Let us take the hassle out of it.

Once you've invested into a solar solution, its ability to reduce your electricity bills depends on the performance of the solar panel and inverter. But there are a few issues with this:

  • How do I safely clean the solar panels?
  • How often should I clean the solar panels?
  • What are the potential faults that I need to look out for?
  • In the event of a fault, who will come to diagnose and fix the issue?
  • Will my solar installer repair or replace faulty components under warranty?

Recognising this, EcoEnergy has launched its Aitemaad service.

Standard Advanced Premium
Solar panel cleaning Solar panel cleaning Solar panel cleaning
Maintenance inspection Maintenance inspection Maintenance inspection
Maximum fault response of 6 business hours Maximum fault response of 4 business hours
Temporary replacement of faulty inverter(s)
150 PKR/kilowatt/month 250 PKR/kilowatt/month 300 PKR/kilowatt/month


  • The above prices are for a single visit per month.
  • The above prices are excluding 17% GST.
  • Discounts are available for larger installations.
  • The response time for rural installations will be longer.
  • If a component is out of warranty (for EcoEnergy customers), our staff will advise on the repair/replacement cost and the appropriate service charge.

With a simple monthly payment, you can have the convenience of a solar solution backed by regular cleaning, maintenance and after-sales service. Express your interest by signing up to the waitlist!


Maximise Performance

Our team will periodically clean the solar panels to ensure maximum performance.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team will periodically inspect all aspects of the solar system to ensure there are no issues.

Minimise Downtime

We offer an optional service-level agreement for our response time when a fault occurs.

Why EcoEnergy

Quality Components

We’ve already compared products on the market so you don't have to. We only recommend high quality components for your long-lasting benefit.

Get a Quote in 5 Minutes

Our proprietary algorithm can give you a quote within 5 minutes, so you're informed about the costs.

Customised Solutions

Don't pay a rupee more than needed. We tailor solutions to match your needs and your budget.

After-Sales Service

Our call center and technicians are available 7 days a week for all follow-up questions and requests.

What Our Customers Say

Alishan Samdani

I used EcoEnergy for a solar system installation at my residence and their service was absolutely amazing. From providing a range of options to choose from, to the design, professional workmanship and the after sales service, I’ve had a very good experience and found them to be extremely reliable and transparent at all stages of the project. I highly recommend EcoEnergy for any domestic or commercial solar installation.