Will Solar Panels Fit on My Roof?

Whether you have an existing home or are constructing a new one, it is important to determine whether the roof will be compatible and conducive to the generation of electricity from solar panels.

Roof Type


A flat roof, the most common type in Pakistan, is generally compatible with the installation of solar panels. A framing or mounting structure will be fastened to the roof, upon which the solar panels will be mounted.

Solar panels on a flat roof


A pitched or sloped roof is also compatible with the installation of solar panels. However, the power production may be adversely affected if the roof is not oriented towards the south, or if the slope of the roof is too low or too high.

Solar panels on a pitched roof

Solar Panel Orientation

The ideal orientation for solar panels is facing due south. Regardless of the roof type, it is easier and more space-efficient if one of the sides of the house is facing directly south, instead of at an angle.


Obstructions on the roof, such as water tanks, air conditioner outdoor units, walls and clothes lines, can reduce the space available for installation of solar panels. While raised framing options can overcome these obstructions, there is a corresponding increase in the price.


If shadows are cast on the solar panels during the day, the power output of the installation will be affected. It is therefore recommended to reduce or avoid any sources of shade, such as adjacent buildings, tall water tanks and trees.

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