I Do Not Have An Electricity Connection. Can Solar Help?

In some cases, you may not be able to get an electricity connection and meter in your new home. Solar can definitely play a role in electrifying your home indefinitely, or just until you get the electricity connection.

Who Is Affected By This?

  • This most often affects houses that are newly built, but have not received their electricity connection and meter from the electricity company.
  • This can also affect certain areas, such as in Islamabad, where certain regulations and court orders prevent IESCO from installing an electricity connection without an NOC from CDA. For more information: https://www.dawn.com/news/1587178

What Are My Options?

Daytime Usage

If there is only usage during the day, a solar installation (sized to the appliances that you need to run) with a small amount of battery capacity will suffice. The batteries are needed to provide power in the early morning and late afternoon, when the power coming from solar panels is likely to not be strong enough.

Nighttime Usage

If you need power at night, such as in a residence, a larger battery capacity will be needed in order to power your appliances. The number and size of batteries depends entirely on what you would like to power.

EcoEnergy's configuration system asks questions to size a solution based on your intended usage. Click the button below to get an instant quote.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Electricity prices are increasing, but a solar installation can free you from monthly electricity bills

Is Your Solar Installation At Peak Performance?

EcoEnergy Aitemaad can maximise the performance of your solar installation with regular cleaning and maintenance.