Solar Panel Requirements for Net-Metering

The national electricity regulator, NEPRA, has stipulated certain requirements for solar installations that will be connected to the electricity grid using net-metering.


NEPRA has published a reference guide that contains lengthy details of the requirements for net-metering systems.

The specific requirement for solar panels is that they comply with the IEC 61215 standard. This standard covers the electrical and thermal characteristics of solar panel modules, which indicates the quality of the manufacturing process and the reliability of the solar panels.

What If I Install Non-Compliant Solar Panels?

The local distribution company (DISCO) will perform an assessment of your solar installation after the submission of your net-metering application. If they determine that the solar panels are not compliant, they will likely reject the application. It is therefore imperative that only compliant solar panels are installed.

How Do I Know If I Am Buying Compliant Solar Panels?

It's important to check that you are buying compliant solar panels, and not counterfeit or low-quality modules.

There are two complementary approaches to determining whether an array of solar panels is compliant with the requirements:

  • Reputed Brands

    • EcoEnergy recommends that you buy solar panels only from reputed manufacturers, such as "Tier 1" companies.
  • Shipping and Testing Documentation

    • Every shipment of solar panels imported into Pakistan must include the pre-shipment inspection report and certificate of conformance from an accredited laboratory. This will include the following:
    • The name of the supplier/manufacture (which will correspond to the manufacturer name on the solar panel label)
    • The standards (such as IEC 61215) that the solar panels were tested against
    • The model number(s) that were tested
    • The quantity and serial numbers of the solar panels that were shipped
    • The details and serial numbers of the purchased solar panels can be checked against the shipping and testing documentation to verify their authenticity

Pre-Shipment Inspection Report with Manufacturer Details:

Pre-Shipment inspection report with product details

Serial Numbers:

Serial numbers

EcoEnergy deals only in Tier 1, high-quality solar panels, so you don't need to worry about your solar panels not being compliant with net-metering regulations in Pakistan. To find out more, subscribe to our newsletter or get a quote below!

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