We Use Very Little Electricity During the Day, How Does Solar Benefit Us?

If you opt for a net-metering system, absolutely.

With a net-metering system, the power you generate and sell to the electricity company during the day is used to offset the power that you consume at night.

Net-metering works by sending any power generated from the solar panels back into the electricity grid. If there is very little usage during the day, the bulk of the power will be returned to your electricity company, and in turn you will earn credits. These credits will then be consumed by in the evening/night.

A correctly-sized solar installation will result in an average electricity bill of 0. There's definitely a benefit for you there!

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Electricity prices are increasing, but a solar installation can free you from monthly electricity bills

Is Your Solar Installation At Peak Performance?

EcoEnergy Aitemaad can maximise the performance of your solar installation with regular cleaning and maintenance.